Daily Legislative Hurricane Debriefing Call

The state continues to be in a state of ACTIVE RESPONSE where river levels continue to rise and active rescues are still occurring. There now is more progression towards a RECOVERY PHASE as individuals return to their homes and power is restored. Eighteen counties have been declared Disaster Areas while 11 more have been requested today. At this point 77,000 structures have been impacted including homes and businesses.

One can contact FEMA at 1 (800) 621-3362 (FEMA) for disaster relief assistance.

At this point 1800 National Guard have been deployed. There have been 2300 human rescues and over 900 animal rescues performed. Over 100 Air Rescues have been conducted. Fifty Seven Swift Water rescues teams are in place.

Power Outages have decreased from 880,000 earlier this week down to 199,000 today. Unfortunately those without power are in areas where restoring power is much more difficult due to flooding and it may be another week until power is restored to these areas.

Seventy Five shelters are up and running with 7800 in those shelters down from 14,000 earlier this week as individuals come back to their homes.

In the Agricultural Sector over 3.4 million poultry have been lost and over 550,000 hogs lost.

The DOT reports that areas of I 95 and I 40 are still closed and as the Neuse River levels rise, areas of US 70 that are open now may be closed especially near Kinston.

DHHS Reports that there is plenty of capacity at Shelters. Obviously Mental Health needs cannot be ignored with such a devastation. If one needs assistance please call 1 (800) 985-5990 to reach the Mental and Behavioral Health Hotline.

Medical Volunteers such as Nurses, Physicians and Mental Health Workers can either reach out to their respective Boards or DHHS on information on how to volunteer. At present there is a constant HEALTH THREAT from the Hurricane. There have been 27 deaths primarily from individuals trying to drive through flowing water. THESE ARE ALL PREVENTABLE. FOOD SAFETY is important—do not eat food if it has been out of refrigeration for more than two hours. Local County Health Departments have Well Water testing kits as well as Septic Tank Testing Kits–both of these can be affected by Floods.

The Dept of Environmental Quality has reported that 5 Hog Lagoons out of the state’s 3300 Lagoons have reported damage with 3 actual breaches. These are being attended to immediately to stem the flow of hog waste. Again 5 out of 3300…


PLEASE EVERYONE–I know there is a desire to get back into your homes quicker and begin clean up but PLEASE BE SAFE…THIS IS A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT…

May God Bless you all and keep you safe. We are a community of wonderful individuals…our sum together is greater than our individuals counted apart.

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Have been on the phone w the Governor’s Office today. Grifton in Pitt County has been terribly affected by the storm. Specific cities and townships cannot qualify for Disaster Declarations. Only Counties can. So we have asked that Pitt County be declared a Disaster Area to help those in need in Grifton and southern Pitt County.

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Daily Legislative Hurricane Update. Operational focus is still in “Response” mode indicating rescues are still being made. Resources are being used not only in eastern NC but also central and western NC. Eight eight counties are operating under disaster conditions. 104 Shelters are opened with over 14,000 people. Over 880,000 people were without power three days ago. That number has been cut to 450,000. Dams, Hog Lagoons and Coal Ash Ponds are being monitored closely. No immediate danger is anticipated. Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant has its reactors shut down. There has been no nuclear breach and there is no threat.

Over 2600 DOT employees and 250 contractors are working 24 hrs a day to repair roads and bridges. Access to Vehicles entering Brunswick County is still limited. Vessels carrying fuel and supplies will be coming in to South Port to help ease the problems in Brunswick County.

Statewide over 1800 roads were closed but over 500 have been reopened.

The CRISIS COUNSELING HOTLINE is 800 895 5990 for those who need Mental Health Services.

There have been deaths from Drowning, Electrocution and Carbon Monoxide. If food is left out, especially near flood waters. —-“when in doubt, thrown it out”

Also very importantly for NONEMERGENT RESOURCE needs, please call 211. If you need medical resources, Oxygen, food or shelter—-please call 211

Bottom line overall is that the state is still in RESPONSE mode. We still have flood waters rising. SAFETY is the FIRST CONCERN.

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